Review of Fort Collins Health Care Center

1 Star User Review

Upon entering this facility, urine, feces and disinfectant hit the olfactory senses. Though they clean the hallways regularly, the patient rooms, bathrooms are NOT cleaned fully nor regularly. This facility is old, rundown and not well-maintained. The staff ignore you if you approach the nurses station for assistance, whether your a patient or family member.

My mother ended up back at PVH with, what the PVH nurse described as a "horrible, horrible" urinary tract infection. This is due to the poor hygiene of this facility and its negligent care of its patients. In addition to this ailment, the primary infection for which she was in there for, returned with a vengence and they delayed for days before testing her after she made known that she was feeling ill again.

My mother's first dinner was served frozen - fish patty with freezer burn and rock hard cold. Complaint resulted in improved temperature of food for a short time but then went back to lukewarm, at best.

This is a place of last resort for those without any options. As I told the head nurse, this is every old persons nightmare to come to a place like this. Sad.