Review of Briarwood Health Care Center

5 Star User Review

My mom is a resident at Briarwood, and the care is superior to what she received prior

to moving her there. She has personality issues, and at the last facility they let it go unchecked, she was treating other residents badly, and treated the staff badly and the best they could do was segregate her, and the staff didn't work with her to change her bad behavior. They put her on anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, and really made a mess out of her, they were killing her with the drugs. I moved her to Briarwood 2/12 and they immediately worked with her. She is on attivan and vicodin,

(she was in pain but never treated before) and she now eates with the other residents, is more calm, and has made a 180 turnaround in the last 6 months. I praise them for their paitents and loving care that they provide her. She still has some episodes of anger, but it is ALOT more controlled than when she was admitted.

I highly reccommend Briarwood Care Center. It is a comfortable setting, instead of the "institutional" setting you see at other facilities. Another thing I have noticed is that their Phys. Therapy dept, when they have time, they go upstairs to the longterm care patients and work with them. I have seen several of the people in my mom's ward up and walking with a walker again. I am very impressed with this facility.

David Leighton - Denver, Co