Review of Center at Centennial, The

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Do not use this facility for your loved ones. My mom has dementia and was hospitalized for a blockage from there they took her to Center at Centennial (CAT.) I have been taking care of my mom for 5 years  and she loves to fall so we had to take extra precautions to keep her safe at home. The hospital also knew about her condition and decorated her with  bright red bracelets that read "HIGH  FALL RISK" and the hospitals report also had warnings of her condition and all was passed on to CAT. 2 days later my mom broke her hip in Centennials care.  The 2nd big incident was my mom has grown her hair for spiritual reasons for 6 years and because it was so knotted up and tangled that a day before her release they cut her hair to ear length. My moms hair was down to her bottom and I spent countless mornings helping my mom braid her hair and she never had knots, but the knots in her hair looked as if she was kept in bed most often. Upon her release I was given her medications most were empty they could have given her at least a weeks worth since they had newly filled meds they kept of hers and he gave me an appointment time for her surgeon for her hip and sent us home without any further instructions. I was panicked because she had come home with a catheter that I knew nothing about and when I called the doctor he commented on the unprofessional facility. There is a heavy set nurse very nasty  had yelled at me  because I decided to take my mom to the restroom after waiting an hour for someone to come help, she had an attitude after this incident and made me feel very uncomfortable.  Regardless to say my mom was nowhere near rehabilitated. My Mom is now starting to walk again thanks to our in home nursing with   BAYADA.

   we had no idea how to move my mom without hurting her. Confused from the affects of her  anesthesia