Review of Life Care Center of Colorado Springs

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The Life Care Centers of Colorado Springs is a very unethical and a dangerous facility. My friend Patricia was placed here approximately 1 year ago. Patricia was able to walk anywhere she wanted with the assistance of her walker, they immediately wedged her walker between the foot of the bed and the wall so that she would not have access to it. Within 6 months without physical therapy or being able to use her walker she is now completely confined to a wheelchair.

In the month of July 2015 after staff wheeled her into the dining room she asked to use the bathroom facilities in the dining and was denied; they informed her that she would have to wait until after she ate and they shared with her that she could only use her private bathroom in her room….the bathroom in the dining room was only for staff.

August 9th 2015, Pat conveyed to her family over the phone that she was running a fever, was feeling very sick and was having trouble breathing. Family immediately contacted the nurse’s desk and he immediately started her on breathing treatments, and intravenous antibiotics. This is the 4th time this has happened to her while living in this facility in less than a year. I truly believe this is a case of Sepsis because they cannot administer the strong antibiotic’s to get rid if this infection as a hospital can and each time that it comes back the infection and swelling in her body becomes worse.

On September 12, 2015 the nurse on duty denied our wishes to please call an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Patricia’s body had swollen up with about 40 pounds of liquid and she could not even sit straight up in her wheelchair. He informed us that the doctor had been to see her a few days earlier and she was just fine. The nurse on duty listened to her lungs with his stethoscope and said that her lungs were clear.

Her family tried to remove her from Life Care Center of Colorado Springs and move her to another facility that would give her excellent medical care and they also specialize in physical therapy and they were run off when they went to pick her up. (How can Life Care Center of Colorado Springs get away with this)? They have isolated Patricia from her family and friends and we have received phone threats from KV of Life Care Centers of Colorado to not visit Patricia. This facility needs to be shut down and investigated immediately. Are other assisted facility’s this uncaring to their residents and family members?

Thank you very much and kind regards, Marianne.