Review of Cheyenne Mountain Center

3 Star User Review

This nursing home is the poorest I have ever seen. The nurses or CNA's do not respond readily to a ring. The food is only adequate. They do not share the care of the patient with the family and keep the family in the dark, nor do they respond to telephone calls. The social service assistant seems to be in charge and is very interested in the personal business of the patient and goes out of her way to be rude or ineffective as to the reason the patient was sent there to begin with. If there is a manager she is not available nor does she respond to her calls. Patients go for days without a change of clothes so I do not know if they are bathed or whatever. The medications the patient is given leave a lot to be dwelled on since the patient no longer has their own physician involved in their care. I would strongly suggest that if anyone has someone in need of a rehabilitation that they look elsewhere. I also would recommend that they look at the other comments against this facility.