Review of Union Printers Home

1 Star User Review

A year ago, when we admitted our family member, our family felt that Union Printers Home was a top notch facility. We knew that there were going to be changes, as the facility was undergoing a change in ownership, but we were ok with that. The facility was clean, the residents on the 2nd floor were clean and groomed, the staff seemed to be happy and you could tell that they genuinely cared about the residents. Within the last couple of months, we have noticed that the care in general has declined dramatically. The residents that we interact with when we come to visit have lost that spark that they had on previous visits. They have told us that the staff that have been taking care of them are leaving and when we looked around, we saw all unfamiliar faces. The few we recognized did not seem as happy as they once had. We have spoken to the staff about our family member not being shaved, finger nails cut, looking kind of disheveled and his room not being very clean and we were not given a very satisfactory answer. To be told that the new owners are more concerned with improving the building instead of hiring quality staff was very disconcerting. After a long discussion, we have decided that we are going to be placing our family member elsewhere.