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overall i find the staff on the 4th floor which is where my mother lives are a great group, all be it i feel understaffed, but the crew are very caring and hard working.

one thing i saw during this heat wave i felt was very alarming, as my 73 year old mothers room has been at 90 degrees plus this week not good for any resident this age, yes swamp coolers are in the hallway but help very little in the rooms.

now the alarming part which did upset me quite a bit, i went to the nurses office to speak with moms c&a i found 4 employees sitting in the office doing paperwork and soon found the obvious reason why, it is equipped with a window airconditioning unit which felt very nice, when i asked if i could put one, (at my expense) in my 73 year old moms room i was told that was not possible.

please dont get me wrong i love the staff and think they do a great job but this is a serious health issue for the elderly and if we can have a/c for the staff surley we can do better for the sick elderly residents. i personally would feel selfish and guilty to leave a 90 degree room of a resident so i can cool off in a employee room.

i hope all can read this and let it soak in.

again i'm not trying to be mean but ……REALLY?

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Unless you were there for that fire, you need to delete that remark. I was working that day and that is far from the truth! Every staff member in that building that day responded to that fire. And every staff member that was there that day is STILL seeing that horrifying image. So with all due respect, please don't speak about what you know NOTHING about!

Speaking of heat, a resident was able to light himself on fire and burn to death before anyone noticed.