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  • Center at Centennial, The Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

    Do not use this facility for your loved ones. My mom has dementia and was hospitalized for a blockage from there they took her to Center at Centennial (CAT.) I have been taking care of my mom for 5 years  and she loves to fall so we had to take extra precautions to keep her safe at home. The hospital also knew about her condition and decorated her with  bright red bracelets that read "HIGH  FALL RISK" and the hospitals report also had warnings of her condition and all was passed on to CAT. 2 days later my mom broke her hip in Centennials care.  The 2nd big incident was my mom has grown her hair for spiritual reasons for 6 years and because it was so knotted up and tangled that a day before her release they cut her hair to ear length. My moms hair was down to her bottom and I spent countless mornings helping my mom braid her hair and she never had knots, but the knots in her hair looked as if she was kept in bed most often. Upon her release I was given her medications most were empty they could have given her at least a weeks worth since they had newly filled meds they kept of hers and he gave me an appointment time for her surgeon for her hip and sent us home without any further instructions. I was panicked because she had come home with a catheter that I knew nothing about and when I called the doctor he commented on the unprofessional facility. There is a heavy set nurse very nasty  had yelled at me  because I decided to take my mom to the restroom after waiting an hour for someone to come help, she had an attitude after this incident and made me feel very uncomfortable.  Regardless to say my mom was nowhere near rehabilitated. My Mom is now starting to walk again thanks to our in home nursing with   BAYADA.

       we had no idea how to move my mom without hurting her. Confused from the affects of her  anesthesia

  • Center at Centennial, The Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

    My sister was sent there after surgery. She complained multiple times of difficulty breathing, she was given an Ativan. I received a call in the middle of the night that she had died. During her one and one half day stay there she had little to no contact with staff. They do not have the training necessary to recognize when a patient is in trouble, nor do they have enough staff to do routine checks on patients. Whenever I hear "The Center at Centennial", I cringe.

  • Cheyenne Mountain Center Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

    This nursing home is the poorest I have ever seen. The nurses or CNA's do not respond readily to a ring. The food is only adequate. They do not share the care of the patient with the family and keep the family in the dark, nor do they respond to telephone calls. The social service assistant seems to be in charge and is very interested in the personal business of the patient and goes out of her way to be rude or ineffective as to the reason the patient was sent there to begin with. If there is a manager she is not available nor does she respond to her calls. Patients go for days without a change of clothes so I do not know if they are bathed or whatever. The medications the patient is given leave a lot to be dwelled on since the patient no longer has their own physician involved in their care. I would strongly suggest that if anyone has someone in need of a rehabilitation that they look elsewhere. I also would recommend that they look at the other comments against this facility.

  • Life Care Center of Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910

    The Life Care Centers of Colorado Springs is a very unethical and a dangerous facility. My friend Patricia was placed here approximately 1 year ago. Patricia was able to walk anywhere she wanted with the assistance of her walker, they immediately wedged her walker between the foot of the bed and the wall so that she would not have access to it. Within 6 months without physical therapy or being able to use her walker she is now completely confined to a wheelchair.

    In the month of July 2015 after staff wheeled her into the dining room she asked to use the bathroom facilities in the dining and was denied; they informed her that she would have to wait until after she ate and they shared with her that she could only use her private bathroom in her room….the bathroom in the dining room was only for staff.

    August 9th 2015, Pat conveyed to her family over the phone that she was running a fever, was feeling very sick and was having trouble breathing. Family immediately contacted the nurse’s desk and he immediately started her on breathing treatments, and intravenous antibiotics. This is the 4th time this has happened to her while living in this facility in less than a year. I truly believe this is a case of Sepsis because they cannot administer the strong antibiotic’s to get rid if this infection as a hospital can and each time that it comes back the infection and swelling in her body becomes worse.

    On September 12, 2015 the nurse on duty denied our wishes to please call an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Patricia’s body had swollen up with about 40 pounds of liquid and she could not even sit straight up in her wheelchair. He informed us that the doctor had been to see her a few days earlier and she was just fine. The nurse on duty listened to her lungs with his stethoscope and said that her lungs were clear.

    Her family tried to remove her from Life Care Center of Colorado Springs and move her to another facility that would give her excellent medical care and they also specialize in physical therapy and they were run off when they went to pick her up. (How can Life Care Center of Colorado Springs get away with this)? They have isolated Patricia from her family and friends and we have received phone threats from KV of Life Care Centers of Colorado to not visit Patricia. This facility needs to be shut down and investigated immediately. Are other assisted facility’s this uncaring to their residents and family members?

    Thank you very much and kind regards, Marianne.

  • Union Printers Home Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910

    A year ago, when we admitted our family member, our family felt that Union Printers Home was a top notch facility. We knew that there were going to be changes, as the facility was undergoing a change in ownership, but we were ok with that. The facility was clean, the residents on the 2nd floor were clean and groomed, the staff seemed to be happy and you could tell that they genuinely cared about the residents. Within the last couple of months, we have noticed that the care in general has declined dramatically. The residents that we interact with when we come to visit have lost that spark that they had on previous visits. They have told us that the staff that have been taking care of them are leaving and when we looked around, we saw all unfamiliar faces. The few we recognized did not seem as happy as they once had. We have spoken to the staff about our family member not being shaved, finger nails cut, looking kind of disheveled and his room not being very clean and we were not given a very satisfactory answer. To be told that the new owners are more concerned with improving the building instead of hiring quality staff was very disconcerting. After a long discussion, we have decided that we are going to be placing our family member elsewhere.

  • Colonial Columns Nursing Center Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

    Colonial Columns is a for profit nursing center. they are constantly understaffed because they are trying to run their business on a shoestring budget. about 80 - 90% of their clients are either on medi-caid or medicare and these govt programs don't pay much which leaves little room for corporate profit so they take in more residents and not enough staff to care for them. when staff are over worked and wages are stagnant you tend to get attitudes from employees that are ordered to do the work of multiple employees and to be on time or else they get written up.

    3 write-ups and your gone is the status quo . Management refuses to acknowledge they have a under staffing problem. all this results in poor quality of care for their residents.

  • Life Care Center of Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910

    The level of caring and respect in this facility is appalling. At meals, it is very difficult to get service, or even silverware. The nursing staff rarely check in with patients throughout the day. The social worker and manager are rude and unresponsive to complaints. No apologies given here for poor service. It appears that they do not care about the emotional support of the patient.

  • Sunny Vista Living Center Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909

    I was in Sunny Vista Living Center from June 14Th through June 17Th after having knee surgery.

    I was very disappointed in the staff care of me while I was there.

    The staff was good.

    These following items were in the doctor's orders:

    Have an Ice Man machine in the room.

    I was never told to elevate my knee and put ice on until Saturday and the ice man wasn't in my room until Sunday. That Sunday the bottom seam of the brace I was wearing started to dig into my calf area on my leg and it took almost 2 hours for the nurse to figure how to help it.

    Any time I pressed the call button it took the CNA'S or Nurse at least 20 minutes to get to my room. I had to share a bathroom and they didn't want to put a raised toilet seat on it because I was sharing the bathroom.

    So on that Sunday night I decided to transfer to another Skilled Nursing Center and the care was much better.

  • Colonial Columns Nursing Center Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

    Understaffed and unqualified people working here. Too many resident falls-fall preventative measures not done. All residents are put in Depends in case they have "accidents" that could be prevented if they had more staff helping out. Residents personal items go missing and they never find them. A lot of the staff have attitude problems. If I had known what it was like I would have never placed my LO in it.

  • Life Care Center of Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910

    Life Care Center of Colorado Springs has gone above and beyond to care for my mom. The nursing staff have been attentive and so very caring. The dietary staff have been more than accomodating to our family and have even provided additional snacks for mom that she enjoys. The facility is very clean and never has a "nursing home" smell. I would recommend to all of my friends and family that they bring their loved ones here.

  • Life Care Center of Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910

    There is a big communication gap on the rehab side, first shift not talking to second shift and vise versa. The nurses do not communicate very well with the patients. My sister was in, within the first week she was late to dialysis because no one told the driver she had to go, speech therapy did a swallow study, I heard her tell the nurses that a regular diet was ok, the following day another speech therapist requested another swallow study to be done, would not believe my sister that she had one done yesterday and so she had to repeat the study.

    It is nice that visitors can get a guest tray, however most the meals are brought with wrong food on tray and/or items/drinks missing, food is luke warm, they also run out of the planned menu items quite often.

    The CNA's on the other hand are great and very attenative, friendly and cheerful. The RNs I think in 2 weeks I saw one smile.

    The facility it self is nice with limited parking.

  • Life Care Center of Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910

    Like all large organizations, there are good staff members and bad staff members. Life Care Center of Colorado Springs is basically a warehouse for old folks. Most of the non-certified or unskilled staff members are very nice, very helpful, and very caring. However, some of the more skilled members of the nursing staff are obviously interested in their own professional career advancement. One nurse in particular named Megan is one of those people whose first instinct in any situation is to push a problem on to somebody else instead of taking ownership of the problem and offering genuine assistance. She will probably do well in her career, but at the expense of people along the way. At approximately $7500 per month, residents and family members deserve much better. If you choose to use this money pit, and I suggest you do not, I strongly warn you watch every little thing that comes up. Other wise you and your loved one will suffer.

  • Gardens, The Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904

    ive had a very bad experience with garden of the gods nursing home. my mom has not been taken care of very well. i have lived out of state for 4 years and when i was finally allowed to pick her up, she was a mee, as was her room. she has had things stolen when she had her room painted. it broke my heart to see her in such a bad situation. the staff, especially the director has been nothing but rude to me.since they have changed hands things have gone to hell. i thank god i got her out of there in time. i, her daughter have been accused of several things and they called adult protective services on me, upsetting mom even more.i have even been threatened by rainee i beleive she is the big shot. never did i ever get a nice warm welcome from services was the same, treating us like dogs. they put my poor mom through hell!!! id like to see them all lose theyre jobs because im sure other residents are not being treated well either.i wouldnt let them take care of my dog let alone my elderly mother. dont use this place. they are mean and just DONT CARE!!!

  • Cedarwood Health Care Center Colorado Springs, Colorado 80905

    Good staff, polite and professional. Nice room, comfortable bed.

    No control over room temperature, but cracking opew a window

    fixed that. Food very good, and you get a lot of it. I'm here for at

    least 4 weeks, and so far, no complaints. (except for too much

    food. Hate to wast something good.)

  • Cheyenne Mountain Center Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

    My father is staying at this nursing home as of right now, the nurses that work with him are wonderful but stretched way to thin. The people up front though are just…there's really not word for how bad they are. They treat and some of them even speak to the resident as if they are small children instead of adult that deserve respect. I'm am in the process of getting my father into a different nursing home.

    Also the people up front threatened to turn my dad bill over to a collection agency when when his there was an error with SS check (they did get paid) this was just the final straw for my family. He was only a week and a half late paying.

    I would high recommend not to send you family or friends to place. But I would like to stress that the nursing staff that cares for him go above and beyond to make sure he is taken care of.

  • Union Printers Home Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910

    overall i find the staff on the 4th floor which is where my mother lives are a great group, all be it i feel understaffed, but the crew are very caring and hard working.

    one thing i saw during this heat wave i felt was very alarming, as my 73 year old mothers room has been at 90 degrees plus this week not good for any resident this age, yes swamp coolers are in the hallway but help very little in the rooms.

    now the alarming part which did upset me quite a bit, i went to the nurses office to speak with moms c&a i found 4 employees sitting in the office doing paperwork and soon found the obvious reason why, it is equipped with a window airconditioning unit which felt very nice, when i asked if i could put one, (at my expense) in my 73 year old moms room i was told that was not possible.

    please dont get me wrong i love the staff and think they do a great job but this is a serious health issue for the elderly and if we can have a/c for the staff surley we can do better for the sick elderly residents. i personally would feel selfish and guilty to leave a 90 degree room of a resident so i can cool off in a employee room.

    i hope all can read this and let it soak in.

    again i'm not trying to be mean but ……REALLY?

  • Center at Centennial, The Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

    I would have given 5 stars as the facility is beautiful. I found the Director of Rehab to be adversarial in her relationship with family members. Since I have 34 years of Rehab experience, I tried to suggest some treatment strategies that would be effective with my mother. The Dir of Rehab and one of the OTs were very defensive. In 1 week's time, minimal therapy was done with my mother which wastes valuable recovery time. My suggestions were met with defensiveness and rudeness. The bright spot was the Exec. Dir was kind and courteous and stepped in to help. Unfortunately, I cannot give this program 5 starts at this point. I hope things improve.

  • Colonial Columns Nursing Center Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

    Had my mother in there for 1 week of respite care. During that time, they dropped her and lost her eye glasses (never to be found). I tried to place her for respite care knowing that conditions and staff change, and was told that they could not meet her needs due to medicaid and how low it pays. I asked if during her 1 week stay if they could do range of motion on her left arm and hand that was effected by her stroke and a possible fasting blood draw during her stay. This was too much of a bother. I guess they just stick them in a wheel chair in the corner and feed em 3 times per day. Pathetic to the words of medicaid low pay..They are a medicaid facility, so there you have the other options!

  • Cheyenne Mountain Center Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

    The floor staff do their best but they are prevented by management who give them too much patient load. My mom had great nurses and CNAs but each nurse had 35 patients and often the CNAs had up to 18. No one can properly care for this many people alone. Administration cares only about padding pockets while the floor staff are trying their best to provide proper care. My thanks to all the nurses and CNAs who gave my mom such good care during the last days of her life. To the folks up front, there's a special place awaiting each and every one of you!