Review of Mission Palms Healthcare Center

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Base on dementia condition, My Grand Father has to find his residency in Nursing Home.

We found Mission Palms Healthcare Center, which is located at 240 Hospital Circle, City of Westminster, CA 92683 and their telephone number is (714) 892 6686 for my him to admitted to.

He has stayed in room 18, Bed # A.

Yesterday, the January 02, 2013 at around 5:30 To 6:00 PM, during my visiting, I called a CNA to change diaper for my Grandfather, because his diaper has got wet, the CNA came and changed that but she seemed like she did not want to do that. The CNA kept telling me she has 12 patients to take care, she cannot change diaper for my Grandpa if he pee only one time, he has to pee two or more than two times in his diaper in order for her to change that. She said she just change one diaper for every two hours, no more than three diapers for one shift.

After that, she went to her boss to complain about me just because I told her to change my Grandfather's diaper, then her boss called me into their office to have a meeting with three ladies there. One Lady seems so mean, she said we cannot change diaper for every one time pee in their Nursing Home, the other two ladies seem to understand the situation.

They said they will talk to that CNA.

My questions are:

What is right and wrong in a situation like this?

Who can tell how many dropt or many times peeing in a diaper?

Should someone's diaper be change if it is got wet and being notified?

Shell we rely on or trust "professional" to taken care for our family member when they are in time of really needed to taken care of?

What is the main purpose of creating of a Nursing Home?