Review of Shasta View Estates

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Six years ago I worked for this slime hole nursing home and as a result I contracted a parasitic skin infection, which they in turn lied to me and my fellow co-workers concerning. As a result, my ex-husband was able to use this experience against me and I lost custody of my three children in a custody trial. For the past four years, during the school year I have only been permitted to see my children every other weekend. I hate Shasta View Nursing Center.

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I also work for this facility. If you do a bit of research you will discover that Shasta View did not own or operate this facility six years ago. With respect to the prior review, this woman's personal relationship with her ex husband and her child custody issues are not relevant to the quality of this facility. Don't allow a disgruntled former employee's opinion to be a deciding factor on where you may wish to place your family member.