Review of Sherman Oaks Health & Rehab

4 Star User Review

SO Health and Rehab took my mother in and they did their best to accommodate her needs. We dealt with the most part hard working CNA's like Sonia, Desiree LVN's like Bell and Joyce. We spent 14 hours daily with mom assisting in her care. Mom was obese with 100lbs weight gain secondary to tumor in kidney and clott in the liver causing a type of cirrhosis. We made sure she was turned every 2-4 hours. We fed her since it took her time to swallow. We helped turn her since it required 2-3 people to move her up in bed. What I can say is that you need to make sure that the CNA who is caring for your loved one must have a balanced assignment. If not, your loved one will suffer the delay in care. You can speak with the head nurse or management to make sure this happens more often than not. What I found was that there are biased assignments in nursing and I spoke to Araceli who then passed on the message to nursing and this was not much of an issue thereafter. I also found that mom was scheduled for daily morning therapy that was not initiated until about 1 month after she was there. Make sure your loved one gets the care they are approved for- spoke with finance and made sure mom got her therapy. Also, we had a couple CNAs who did not have much compassion. They looked at her in disgust and make inappropriate remarks- we understood the weight burden this caused on the staff, hence why we tried our best to help out. These problems were few and the compassion of the other staff totally made up for the few rotten apples. We had to place notes above the head of the bed to inform the new nurse of mom's specific care needs. What I can say is that family and staff need to work together to care for the patient. You cant expect excellent care if you walk away and just leave your loved one in a nursing home. Be aware of the level of care your loved one will need and always be willing to help out. Although we encountered the bumps in our journey, I was very happy with the care mom received overall. We were actively involved in all the medications mom took and got proper authorization from medical to continue the medication. Thanks to Jackie the nursing supervisor at night. We were approved for 4 hours after time of death to wait for all her kids to drive in to pray the rosary.Thanks to Dr Farouqui for giving us all a chance to spend the extra months with mom. He ordered the appropriate labs, xrays, medications to extend her life and was instrumental in mom having her 64th Bday, her last Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New year. In short, SO rehab worked with us and gave us the gift of life each day mom was there. We had plenty of time to grieve and come to terms with her illness. The nursing home is located one block from Sherman Oaks Park. This was the same park mom would play with us as children. We took her daily to the park so she would get some air and see other children play. It was good exercise for us too.