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  • Villa Rancho Bernardo Care Center San Diego, California 92127

    My mother was a resident there after a stroke for a bit over a year. We found only a minority of the staff acted professionally. Most were poorly trained. We saw one stealing from a resient's room, reported it and were treated as if we were lying. Stopped another staff member from stealing from my mom. When mom ran out of Medicare coverage we were urged to take her to another facility because the place was going to receive less money for her care. The first floor was the only place where she received good care. At all costs avoid the second floor. We learned too late that cannot force a patient to be moved from their originally assigned room. in the end mom chocked to death by being force fed. Note this is a "for profit" facility.

  • Reo Vista Healthcare Center San Diego, California 92139

    Because you give so much: To our Reo Vista Family, day by day, week after week, month after month you gave amazing care & comfort to Felicia. Her home here during the final years of her life was such a blessing to her and to us. Amazing place because of amazing people!

    We love you & thank you.

    Barry, Mike, & Tammy.

    The best place for me. I’m new person. Thanks, god bless


  • Brookdale Carmel Valley San Diego, California 92130

    My mother was at emeritus a few months ago the staff was nice but seemed to be not enough help!!! and my mothers bathroom and room was never cleaner until i told the social worker. The social worker was very knowledgable and was a great help in getting my mother set up with home health and noticed all her long hrs she worked as well as the Director of nursing without those two emeritus would be at a loss …

  • Villa Rancho Bernardo Care Center San Diego, California 92127

    Using the suggested elements to write a review of Villa Rancho Bernardo is helping me to be objective.

    The FIRST thing we should have been wise enough to ask about was, "Did the facility have a Family Support Group?". It does not, and attempts by myself and others to establish one were firmly discouraged. We learned that VRB does not want family members to get together and compare notes, experiences and be supportive of one another. (There is a Resident's Support Meeting. We learned from several residents that although they have an opportunity to voice their concerns, "nothing is ever done" about them and participants consider them a "farce".)

    The SECOND thing we should have investigated was whether or not the facility was a "For Profit Facility" and if it was part of a large corporation that owns more than one business. VRB is just such a for profit facility and part of a group of more than a dozen like businesses. (After being sued, one of their facilities was closed. The amount facilities can be sued is limited by the state - as in the case of the VRB resident who choked to death.) Because of the owners/managers focus on profit, staff and resources are stretched thin. Comparing staff ratios with other facilities in CA is misleading. We've learned that the staff is overworked and it was unable to properly care for our loved one who was unable to care for herself. She was left to sit in a wet diaper or wet bed for hours until we complained. Although there was a pitcher of water at her bedside, she was unable to pour it for herself. The staff considered the few spoonsful of water she had with her medications to have provided her with a drink of water. They do not seem to know the meaning of the word "hydration".

    The THIRD important thing to know is that after the first three months, Medicare and our mom's private insurance stopped and she was placed on Medi-Cal which meant that the facility received a greatly reduced amount of money for mom. We were repeatedly encouraged to take her to another facility - we felt it was because we were vigilant about how mom was being cared for. (When one is no longer eligible for that first three months worth of full coverage, other facilities don't want to take a person in. They want - and need - all the money they can get.)

    The FOURTH thing we should have known is that once a person is put into a bed/room, they cannot be forced to move to another. (We learned this fact from a representative from the CA state's Ombudsman - months after our mom was moved from the "Showcase" room she had been originally assigned to for the first three months on the main floor - and her FULL insurance coverage ran out.)

    The FIFTH thing we learned was the "Contracted" staff members are much better paid for their efforts than regular staff. This is probably why the Contracted Therapists were professional in treating mom vs. the regular staff member who provided physical therapy for her. He was assigned to put mom into a "Standing Frame" to assist her and help keep her upright as she bore weight on her legs. We saw that her ankles were crossed and only her toes were touching the floor. When we reported this she never again received this therapy when we were present. There was no oversight - whether it was that PT was being done correctly or that at mealtime residents were engaged in conversation rather than ignored as staff interacted amongst themselves. In the more than year our mom was at VRB of the more than forty+ staff members assigned to her there were perhaps six or so who considered what they were doing a vocation and not just a time card to be punched.

    The SIXTH thing we learned was to DOCUMENT all of our observations - in both writing and photographs. Doing both of these things helped mom get better care. Involving both the Ombudsman and State Licensing also let the "Business" know that we expected mom to receive the care promised in the advertisements. It did not make us popular but it did keep people on their toes and got mom better care.

    The SEVENTH thing we learned is that the staff - including the Senior Staff - in particular Nursing - will lie either outright or more likely by omission to protect the institution. For example when we asked if mom had been treated by a Medi-Cal physician vs. the private one we regularly took her to when we learned by our own observation she had received an injury, we were lied to and told, "No.". Only after we took mom to her private physician did she receive treatment when we learn that she had contracted a virulent infection that complicated her health and which contributed to her death. The fact that several written notifications were posted around mom's bed to ALWAYS keep her head elevated were ignored and, she died gasping for breath in our presence shorty after we found her so flat in her bed, we initially thought the bed was empty. Hours of ignoring her position were never recorded in her record. The representative from State Licensing told us there was "no documentation" of the fact in her record and after-all "She was old." - as if it didn't matter that she died because of staff negligence.

    FINALLY, it should have been an indicator of things to come when the doctor at the hospital (after mom had the stroke that resulted in her being transferred to VRB) did not want her to be fed. Then within the first few days of her being at VRB - the doctor who came highly recommended by her personal physician - asked me, "Why do you want to keep her alive? Does it make you feel good?"

    REMEBER - you are the customer - "BUYER BEWARE!" Your involvement is critical. It will not make things perfect but it is necessary if you care about the care being given.

  • Villa Rancho Bernardo Care Center San Diego, California 92127

    My mom stayed at this facility for a month. The rehab team were encouraging and friendly to everyone. My mom stayed downstairs and she had the worst time. The morning staff seemed to be always in a hurry with their care and the RN's and the unit manager were so unprofessional. The unit manager, who dresses up as if she were 14 years old, would yell across the hall to get the attention of her staff member. It was totally unreal. The gossiping was another problem I saw during the day. I saw that the assistant director of nursing talking "not so nice things" to the unit manager about their staff aloud and the fact they were laughing out loud annoyingly. I would not recommend this place to anyone. They had a choking incident last year and the patient ended up dying. You wouldn't want that to happen to your love one right? read on about this facility:

  • Jacob Health Care Center, LLC San Diego, California 92105

    About a year ago my mother fell out of bed at Jacobs Health care,they informed of the fall ,yet made no changes on the monitoring of my mother .We decided to give them a second chance, because we like some of the staff and the place seemed clean .Recently my mother fell from bed again, this time she fractured her femur above her knee, leading to the loss of her left leg. I don't know how long my mother was on the floor, but I know she must have been in a lot of pain.I have been looking for a different place to take her and have been unsuccessful, Please help , This place is bad news

  • Abby Gardens Healthcare Center San Diego, California 92123

    I would highly recommend that you do not place anyone you love or care about here. This place neglects its residents and employees. It’s all about profit.I have seen this happening. The ombudsman is here almost every week. The administration only cares about profit and their self. They will take any one with INS, they treat the residents with the better INS differently from the residents whose INS isn't so good. They are constantly moving residents around like their pieces of furniture. There are employees there who neglect their residents. Lots of resident’s items go missing and they get bed sores or pressure sores. There is a rash spreading from resident to resident and employee. Been spreading for over a year and still not treated or been taken care of. Residents contentiously complain but are neglected. The food is bad lots of residents are experiencing a significant weight loss due to not liking the food.

  • Jacob Health Care Center, LLC San Diego, California 92105

    Worst facility ever! Don't ever take your loved ones there! They will kill them!!!!! Their nurses are idiots and the management will make promises they'll never keep and as soon as their Medicare days are up, they will send them out. They do not care about the patients. All they care about is money money money!!!!!

  • Villa Rancho Bernardo Care Center San Diego, California 92127

    I came to see my grandma around Thanksgiving time and she was in bed with very wet diaper, pillows on the floor. I found her meal tray in front of her but utensils on the floor. I asked one of the staff at the station if I can get some help, she then said we are taking our break now and will send someone when that person is done with her break. I went to the station after waiting for more than 15 minutes but was told no one is available now because they are not back from break. Poor, poor, poor services .

  • Reo Vista Healthcare Center San Diego, California 92139

    My mother was a resident at Reo Vista for two weeks after suffering a stroke. We found the facility pleasant, clean, the staff was very friendly and helpful. We chose this facility because of the close proximity to our home, this made it much easier to come and visit my mother. It was a bit of a surprise to find three beds to a room, but you come to adjust. Staff was attentive to our needs and we tried to be as helpful as possible in the care of our mother. Thank you Reo Vista for your dedication and hard working staff.

  • Villa Rancho Bernardo Care Center San Diego, California 92127

    Three times I observed residents in dangerous situations and when I reported, was told my "input was not needed". When I reported care that had been assured for my loved one was not being done, I was told it was my responsibility and not the charge nurse's responsibility. Only because I personally observed the bedsore on my family member did I learn there was one - to date the facility denies there ever was one. Because of my diligence in observing and involving an ombudsman, the facility urged me to change facilities. Take warning, good looks don't mean quality care. Avoid this facility.

  • Villa Rancho Bernardo Care Center San Diego, California 92127

    Parking entrance and building looked well-kept. Receptionist was pleasant, not rude, not amiable either - she indicated to us that she had shown one of us where to sign in, so we did. When visiting with the patient and waiting about 20 minutes for permission to be granted to leave the facility with the patient, I heard screaming the whole time. It seemed to come from an adjacent area to the reception desk. The person we were waiting for seemed heavily medicated and clothing was unkempt, something I know this individual would not normally tolerate.

  • Mission Hills Post Acute Care San Diego, California 92103

    My Mother in-law underwent a Pelvic Discontinuity operation to preserve the limb function by restoring the bone stock and the biomechanics of the hip. After the surgery she was transferred to Shea Family Care Mission Hills and it was a nightmare. But, the staff of Shea Family Care Mission Hills did not focus on physical therapy – they were only concerned about the money.

    Shea staff (incl. Social Worker, Management, Case manager, and Rehab Therapist) focused only on insurance issues and repeatedly stated that she could stay at Shea only as long as the insurance pays and that the insurance company will only allow her to stay for 10-14 days (even though she has insurance for a 100 day stay).

    Family discussed with Surgeon (Dr. Fabi) about follow up wound care. Surgeon explained that he wrote up in the patients discharge plan from Mercy Hospital that Shea needed to transport the patient to Surgeon’s office. Family member asked Shea staff about the follow up and Case manager and Rehab Therapist, both stated that nothing was written in the discharge plan. Family asked to see the discharge and reviewed it with Case manager. Case manager brought out & reviewed the discharge plan and found that Dr. Fabi did write up the need to see mother in-law on 7/3/12. Surgeon also made it clear that Shea staff must use an Occlusive bandage for patient’s wound care. This info was passed on to Shea staff. Family also asked that Dr. Fabi remind Shea staff that an occlusive bandage was needed. Case manager (Halina) set up a follow up visit with Dr. Fabi on 7/5/12. Later on, Shea staff changed the bandage of the surgical wound, but did NOT use occlusive covering. Nurse used ONLY gauze and a lot of adhesive tape to cover surgical site.

    Also, nursing staff left her on a bedpan for more than a ½ hour. Mother in-law yelled for help and no staff came to help, even though she was able to hear nursing staff outside her room. The patient’s room door was open so staff should be able to hear patient yelling for help.

    Additionally, during physical therapy, the nursing staff transferred the patient to a chair & propped her leg on a trash can and left her alone in the room. The trash can began to shift and the patient yelled for help, because her leg almost slipped of the trash can. But, luckily her husband came to help.


  • The Shores Post-Acute San Diego, California 92123

    I am so pleased that my dear aunt is in your care. The times that I've visited (when I was in California), I have been so pleased with how caring the staff is. She looks and seems happy. I see that they are well fed a variety of food. There is a cheerful feeling in the locked part of your facility, where she resides. At times, she says that she's ready to "go home," but when we tell her that we like that she's there, she laughs and says, "OK, then, I'll stay a while."

    I wanted to rate it five stars, but couldn't get my computer to do it.

  • Remington Club Health Center San Diego, California 92128

    The Remington Club Health Center is clean, well-appointed, and appears--upon your first visit--to be very "upscale." Don't let the fine veneer fool you. This is a for-profit organization and it is run like one. Because they maintain one bed below the legal limit, there is NOT always a RN on the staff. That means that, in an emergency, a nurse may need to be called in to attend to you or your loved one and that can mean a 20-minute wait. And do not think you can drop a loved one off and forget about them. If you want quality care, you'll need to be there daily to demand it. The nurses and aides are--for the most part--very good but overworked so patient needs are frequently neglected. And forget about what they tell you about a patient's Medicare right to a 30-day stay. They run scared at the least suggestion from a medical group and/or Medicare and will happily throw you out the door. I would suggest looking around--maybe the Poway facility is better. I know of at least one patient who will most definitely NOT be going back to "The Remington."

  • Mission Hills Post Acute Care San Diego, California 92103

    Good care; noisy, noisy, noisy! Hard working staff provide good care to the clients and really care about them. Staff are on call 24 hours a day, but sometimes appear to be overworked. Clean facility with okay food, some snacks available. Pleasant outside walk accented with lovely bougainvillea and other flowers.

    The physical and occupational training staff are excellent, sympathetic, and great at motivating people. Just right for a couch potato like me.

    The facility is noisy! Morning, noon, evening, and into the night there is loud talking, patients calling out, televisions spewing sound, vacuum cleaners and mowers going. 11 pm at night there's a shift change with more loud talking which doesn't quiet down until 11:15 or later. This is my second time here. I thought my room first time was noisy just because it was near the front desk and next to a dining room, but my current one is just as noisy. The facility badly needs acoustical treatment to reduce the noise level, but nothing has been done since my previous stay.

    The rooms have no fan or air conditioning, so it's hard to adjust temperature. Or if they do, the air was turned off for the entire building while I was there both times. To get any air circulation, we have to open the hall door, with all its noise.

    The beds are comfortable, with controls for the bed sections. Unfortunately, there is a separate control for calling a nurse, and the two controls have a small clip to fasten to a sheet, but the clip keeps falling off the bed. The TV has a separate control. The two main lights behind the bed can't be reached at all without getting out of bed--very inconvenient. The home has made no effort to combine these controls and make them easy to reach. When I rang for a nurse, it took from three minutes to a hour to get a response. Three times within 13 days it took over forty minutes.

    The home was refurbished about three years ago with a dark wood look. Light wood would give a more pleasant effect.

    Overall, a pleasant place with excellent care but some drawbacks, including an awful lot of noise.

  • Jacob Health Care Center, LLC San Diego, California 92105

    0 stars i cant believe how bad the staff is with there patients they don't give the there patients the right respect they need, at night they don't check up on them or nothing. Am very upset with them we trust them with our love once and they treat them like trash i hope they close down this place!!!!!

  • The Shores Post-Acute San Diego, California 92123

    This place is Huge! I really like their therapy room coz they have huge big bay windows so patients can look out instead of looking straingt to a wall when they exercise. The satff where my sister stayed at in room 255 were great. i like the tv that swing infront of the patients and they have a few courtyards to use when the weather is nice so patients are not inside their rooms all the time. All in all my sister had great care and her stay was pleasant. We live close by the Sharp hospital too so it helps this place is close by our home.

  • Jacob Health Care Center, LLC San Diego, California 92105

    Zero stars. If somehow you feel sick when entering this place. You have a legitimate feeling. Call your local ombudsmans office. Dept of health. Protect your family members. No ones deserves this treatment. No one. Check licensing for deficiencies!!! Please!! Do not trust this place with your loved one.

  • Villa Rancho Bernardo Care Center San Diego, California 92127

    Truly am disappointed in this facility. The Main Staff seems to care about the appearance of the facility more than the care of the patients. Patients are not the top priority for the Head Staff members, other than spending funds on renovating the facility…when it did not need it. They don't spend the funds on patient care, staff, and /or activities. The workers (I hear) have not received a pay increase in up to 5 years, making the staff not having the best possible attitudes. Many of the Staff members push inquiries on their co-workers. Some tell you to talk to Social Services and you ask where they are and are told (on a weekday)….oh, they are not here today. Medical care is at the bottom of the barrel when patient care for the elderly. Some of the food is dry, hard, cold, and not edible. They serve dry hamburgers, plain rice, dry noodles, and tough dry meat. Many patients don't have teeth and have a hard time swallowing foods. Condiments are hard to come by. Now they use disposable dishes wish has to be expensive to use. I have seen residents that are so medicated that they don't know who they are. It is very common to see patients sleeping with their heads drooping downwards….when they probably could of used a nap, instead for being forced to go to an activity. Certain units of the facility….you can walk down the hallway and see lights on for Patients requesting assistance and they don't get answer for long periods of time. The facility has meetings with head staff members/family members and don't always follow thru with what has been discussed in the meetings. Although some departments do a good job and not all is bad, as there are some staff members that are excellent. Look at the pricey upgrades to the lobby/hallways and the new exercise room….all for show! How often is it really utilized? I would think this home would want to make people happy….not depressed! Please Villa Rancho Bernardo….start treating these patients as if you really cared! Treat them like you would like to be treated.

  • Arroyo Vista Nursing Center San Diego, California 92105

    Fine facility. Very clean. The entire staff is kind and helpful. It's obvious they care about their patients and they make you feel like family. It's only a 53 bed facility but there are major pros to that-more attention to each patient and a closer, friendlier atmosphere. Highly recommended.