Review of Mckinley Park Care Center

1 Star User Review

If you have the slightest care about you loved one do not send them here. My grandma died late september and they said they would call me back with info on how she died. No call. I call back a few days later and they say the same thing. This cycle continues for months until I finally reach my breaking point. I call them and say I need answers NOW! they said the paper work is destroyed and to ask her son how she died because she visited her everyday! I am in contact with that "son" whom hasn't seen her in over 10 years! He never saw her! When I tell them this they get angry and dodge questions. I had power of attorney over my grandma. They had nothing in order. I am now starting to believe they had something to do with her death the way they dodge the questions! If I don't get answers quick….they better get some damn good lawyers.