Review of The Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills

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The Rehab Center of Beverly Hills

The center is clean, friendly, with good nursing and attendant services. The food is good.

But, the Physiotherapy department is below par. If I were involved with Medicare payments, I would discontinue this physiotherapy department.

There is very minimal therapy with the older deconditioned patients, who need it the most. Those who do need the therapy the most get the least attention.

Only 5 to 10 minutes of walking is provided daily, maybe twice daily if you complain

Medicare mandates 3 hours of therapy per day. The Rehab Center of Beverly Hills is not providing physiotherapy anywhere near this minimum, and is therefore only extending the length of most patients’ stays for no reason other than financial.

Our wife/mother entered the Rehab Center in a lively, walking state from Cedars Sinai Hospital, and after two months in the Rehab Center of Beverly Hills, was practically reduced to a vegetable who was completely dependent on the nurses and attendants.

When we finally brought our wife/mother to her home and cared for her solely by her family, she sprang back to life and was walking and rising from chairs on her own with no assistance needed. She continues to improve despite the Rehab Center guiding her treatment in a backwards manner and making her worse.

Replies to This Review

Actually the facility is deficient in lots of areas. The care and rehab is sub par and they have quite a few violations as well.

The whole place is below par…..