Review of Alamitos West Health Care Center

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My Mom was at Alamitos West from March 30 to April 8, 2012. My siblings and I were very resistant to Mother going any step-down facility for rehab and dropped in 3 and 4 times a day to make sure she was being treated well. We were very impressed and highly recommend Alamitos West. Our Mother was in a room matched with another woman that was equally alert and oriented. Nurses were very attentive and when they could not get to her right away the nurse would pop in the room and say she would be with her in a few minutes and she did return as promised. We never detected a bad smell and Mom reported the food was delicious. Most important physical therapy worked very hard with her to get her home in record time. It was very cute, when the nurse took her out to the car to go home she hugged her and said, "We love you but we do not want to see you back here!" The nurse had a big smile on her face. If Mother needs this type of care again we will demand she go to Alamitos West. Highly recommended!

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