Review of Grossmont Post Acute Care

3 Star User Review

From the moment I arrived to the moment I was "discharged" there was plenty to complain about and little to admire. The admin staff was especially distant, non-communicative, and disagreeable. It is, after all, a for-profit corporation and there is pressure and emphasis on pushing their related services/products, i.e., home inspection to lead to in-home sale of products and installation related to senior safety. I found this especially distasteful considering all the articles and admonitions regarding salespeople who prey on seniors. Most, if not practically all, of their patients were aged and infirm or cognitively unaware so "sitting ducks" is an appropriate metaphor. Their physical therapists, while mostly a pleasant, knowledgeable bunch, were especially good at shortchanging patients timewise - after all, they needed some of those physical therapy minutes to write their reports.

One especially egregious blunder was receiving the wrong med's in the middle of the night which was later acknowledged (but not by Shea personnel) but never apologized for.

So the foregoing is just a smattering of the negative atmosphere/conduct that I experienced. Must say, however, that the CNA's were really helpful, understanding and on the ball. Their superiors could learn a thing or two from them!