Review of Arbor Hills Nursing Center

5 Star User Review

I absolutely love this place and am so grateful for it. I have been a physican in the community for many years and never thought of sending my dad to a skilled nursing facility. I am so grateful for placing my father here. He really rebounded quickly and I was able to take him home. I am so grateful for the staff and rehab at Arbor and for all they did. I see a ton of patients all the time and I would reccomend this skilled nursing facility to any of them that need it.

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Doctors who recommend a particular nursing home usually have a financial interest in that facility. For example, a friend of mine questioned her mother's doctor after he insisted she get rehab at a facility. It turned out that he was one of the owners, and would have benefitted financially had she gone there. They ended up bringing her home instead, where she was fine. I wonder if the doctor who wrote the above review has a financial interest in this facility.