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After I filed a complaint against Arbor Hills Nursing Center for my father's care, the California Department of Public Health levied 1 citation and 5 deficiencies against this facility. The citation was for Willful Material Falsification for falsifying a consent form for a high dose of AmbienCR. The deficiencies included unnecessary drugs, violating my father's rights by giving him antipsychotic drugs, and failing to follow state laws for informed consent. This is public information. Anyone with questions can contact the CDPH at 619-278-3700 to confirm this information.

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This is a lie, after further speaking with Sacramento the above citation was actually an intent and being diputed becuase of information of the acusing party was not accurate and truthful. They informed me that this citation is in process to be overturned and part of a witchhunt by the acusing party.