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The average user rating for nursing homes in Gardena, California is 3.1 out of 5 stars based on 10 ratings.

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  • Greenfield Care Center of Gardena Gardena, California 90248

    I have a family member who is a resident at Greenfield Care Center in Carson and have been visit this facility on a regular basis – from 2004 to current. Items 1-10 show my experience and how I rate it.

    1. Safety - Rate 1

    Recently, the guard rail to my family members-residents bed was removed without acknowledgment to existing request from the family to leave in on for safety purposes. The patient/resident has a brain injury and a fall could be fatal. This request was agreed upon during a Family meeting and was documented according.

    2. Change Management within the facility – Rate 1

    Recently my family member’s personal HD 32 Inch Flat Screen TV – including the Dish Cable box was removed without any notification to the family.

    3. Security - Rate 1.

    Stealing occurs frequently.

    4. Ethics – Rate 1.

    Staff is allowed to be disrespectful and unprofessional towards family members visiting residents.

    5. Feeder’s - Rate 1.

    The majority do not have the patience needed to feed a resident that can’t feed himself. My family member who is a patient there has a swallowing problems and has been rushed through his meals, at times his food and beverages were thrown away before he could finish his meal. One Feeder in particular was seen actually drinking his beverage and eating his food so to finish faster. I recommend that better back-round checks be done prior to hiring this type of personal.

    6. RN - Rate 1.

    The RN, Charge Nurse who was in charge thru 2012 was rude, disrespectful, and didn't honor patient’s rights.

    7. Family Meeting - Rate 5

    The person who handles the Family meetings as it regards to Patient treatment plans is been very helpful and seems to genuinely care

    8. Kitchen staff and food is excellent, the food is home style, some of the staff members go out of their way to assist patients needs (Excellent – Rate)

    9. Laundry staff - Rate 5Staff is very helpful, always kind and respectful. They always have clean towels and linens and are willing to supply them with a gracious smile on their face. They haven’t lost or misplace my family members/resident clothing.

    10. Residents are normally very friendly, caring, and courteous.

  • Greenfield Care Center of Gardena Gardena, California 90248

    My brother has difficulties swallowing and needs his dentures to properly chew food. The facility lost his dentures and didn't cover the cost for replacement. Not ony did they not cover the cost ofr the dentures, the Social work on site totally dropped the ball and hasn't the processing for his second pair of dentures.

  • Rosecrans Care Center Gardena, California 90247

    This facility is GREAT! Rosecrans is always clean, the halls are brightly lit and there's always a fresh smell; unlike some other facilities I have visited with dark halls and musky odors.

    The building is always buzzing with activity and it's never too difficult to find a staff member when I need assistance with my grandma. I have met other visiting family members and we all agree, we have unfortunately been in lesser-quality facilities and are HAPPY to be in Rosecrans now. WOW! I have to mention that Rosecrans takes their residents on very nice outings! My grandma was not a resident at the time, but I've seen pictures in the halls where residents took a trip to the GETTY Museum and the Aquarium of the Pacific, TWICE! The other facility my grandma was at, barely took their residents to the park or even the local mini-market down the street! I'm hoping for another outing soon because I saw that family members are allowed to also attend.

    The Activity Dept has a monthly candle-light dinner for the residents which is great because it breaks the monotony of a cafeteria dinner. Rosecrans even hires a PROFESSIONAL SINGER to come in and sing during the dinner!! The residents and even visiting families get involved!

    My family is so glad that my grandma is at Rosecrans.