Review of Magnolia Post Acute Care

1 Star User Review

I would have choose NO STARS, but the website does not allow that!

DON"T TAKE YOUR FAMILY MEMBER HERE, I would commit suicide before I would personally stay at Shea Family Magnolia!

My mother was at this facility for ten years. This place was a terrible place, especially if you are not going to be there everyday and make sure your loved one has AT LEAST an expected level of care. These big corporate mulch-facility nursing homes (SNIFF's) have nothing in mind except the bottom line of their profit and loss statement!

Complaints after complaints continually until we ended up with formal complaints to the State of California resulting in numerous State Nursing Home violations. I can go on and on and it may even sound unbelievable, but I assure you what I am saying is true and I have the State of California complaints to prove this.

These places are mostly ALL terrible in one way or another. I am not sure there is a good place I can send you to in the El Cajon area, but I can say … not this place until Shea Family cares more about the patient than the bottom line. Not even a call, condolence, card, nothing after my mother died last month after being a "customer" for more than ten years! What does that tell you?