Review of White Hall Health and Rehab

1 Star User Review

My mother-in-law was transferred from JRMC to Whitehall Rehab on a Friday afternoon.

After the initial "sign in" she was ignored for the rest of the weekend. I asked one of the nurses about her dinner meal and was told" There wasn't a name on the door so we didn't know anyone was in there. (Even though the door was open and there was a least two others in the room). She did start to receive better care(meals were brought and she was checked on) once her name was posted on the door (Monday). The family didn't have to bring food from home or remind the staff she was in the room. She is incontinent and her care was not very good. On more than one occasion she was left in wet diapers, the family started writing a time and date on the diapers to ensure they were changed on a regular basis. There was one outstanding lady who took great care of my mother-in law, but the rest of the staff had a very poor attitude. I rate the Whitehall facility as one of the poorest in Jefferson County. (I have loved ones in other facilities) in the county and their care has been so much better. I regret that my wife and I thought that the Whitehall facility was good.