Review of Briarwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center,Inc

1 Star User Review

Very clean and geared toward the "look" of a good nursing home. The CNA's are great along with the nurses. Food is of excellent quality. Clean Clean facility. Not enough communication with the family about the care of their loved one. People in the front office are friendly while being introduced to the facility, after that their true rude ruthless colors come out. They have their children and dogs running up and down the hall as if it is their personal home. I have heard them talk to employees as if they where less then human. Even family members who did not agree with the care that was given. They have gotten on the loud speaker and spoke very rude to a drug rep. delivery the meds for the patients. They take the closes parking spaces into the building. Their van is even parked in a handicap parking spot! The Ladies that run that front office need an attitude adjustment and learn people skills. But their day is coming when someone is going to have to wipe their butt clean.