Review of Casas Adobes Post Acute Rehab Center

1 Star User Review

If you choose to use this facility, be prepared to be vigilant and very proactive in order to protect your loved one's interests. Although the nursing assistants were great, at a higher level there was a lack of communication between departments. For example, I was told by physical therapists and the social worker that my 81-year old husband was not making good progress, was weak, sometimes disoriented, suffered from frequent diarrhea, etc. When I asked for a review of his chart, the nurse finally noticed that he was being given a stool softener every night for eight nights, even while staff was complaining about the frequency of bed and clothing changes they had to do. I was stunned to learn that no one but me had noticed this, nor taken the trouble to connect all the dots: could it be that his "lack of progress" was related to the fact that ongoing diarrhea would cause fatigue, sleep deprivation, confusion, not to mention dehydration and impaired ability to absorb nutrients and medication? I immediately requested a transfer to another facility. The transfer process itself has been plagued by the same level of incompetence; we are now in the third day of trying to get the social services staff to submit the correct paperwork to the new facility, but I remain ever hopeful that my husband will soon be in better hands.