Review of Pueblo Springs Rehabilitation Center

5 Star User Review

zero. do not take your family members here. This is the worst place I have been to. When you first get a tour the place is clean and they have places to sit but after you are admitted they just don't take care of you and worse than that, they just don't seem to care at all. The family gets a tour and agrees to let their family member stay, but the sick family member gets no tour, they go over nothing with them. They just make them wait and wait, without any explanation. The staff take more time explaining why they can't do something or they say they will get whoever can instead of just doing it. We usually had to ask multiple times for anything.

We had to remove my father. When he was admitted he was there for rehabilitation after having surgery and being in the hospital for 5 weeks. We kept getting excuses as to why he didn't start rehabilitation. Not enough staff, waiting for orders. They only shower them 2 times per week and on the 4th day there he still had no shower. We missed one day of visiting and when we got there the following day my father could not speak and didn't know where he was. They had him sitting in a chair facing traffic on Craycroft. When I asked them what is going on, he can't speak and he was ok 2 days ago.. the staff had no answer. The doctor wasn't in and hadn't seen him. We asked that we get him to the hospital right away, that something was wrong. They wanted us to wait for the doctor to get a release. We waited for a couple of hours and nothing. Finally we said we are leaving for the emergency room now. They made us sign something but wouldn't transport him. We did ourselves and after tests found out my father had a seizure from scar tissue that was growing in his brain. My father had another surgery and after recovery he told us he knew all that was going on .. he just could not communicate and the staff at Pueblo didn't pay attention. He remembered the minute he had his seizure and everything changed but none of them noticed. He said he tried to talk but couldn't say anything that anyone could understand, but nobody noticed that he talked perfectly and laughed the day before and could not speak the next day. How does this happen?