Review of Pueblo Springs Rehabilitation Center

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Think twice, read this and research before putting your loved one in Pueblo Springs Rehabilitation center.

After almost a months stay in the ICU due to complications from Parkinsons Disease and being neglected at an Assisted Living Home, my mother was released to Pueblo Springs for rehab.

Immediately, i had to have a discussion with the nurses about how Parkinsons has now diminished her upper body strength and how she would need help eating. She is not even able to hold a glas to her mouth without spilling everywhere. That conversation with then went unnoticed and the 2nd day I had to have this conversation once again. On the 3rd day I raised my voice to the nutricianist and that seemed to temporarily work.

They continually lost her clothes and then put her in a hospital gown.

I then noticed the rash she had after being taken out of her last home, reappear and by the time I saw it, it had covered 75% of the back of her body. This did not re appear overnight. I immediately contacted the head nurse. She told me she would contact the Dr. right away and get her medical help. That never happened.

Prior to release day to her new home, the facility and I had discussed the plans of needing the necessary Oxygen at her home before her arrival, having medications in hand and RX's written for all of her medications sent to the caregiver in advance of her arrival.

On release day, she arrived at her new home without oxygen there, only a portion of her meds in hand and NO RX's for any necessary medication. She is diabetic and was sent home with 2 injections available. Not even 24 hrs. after her release she sits in her new home with elevated Blood sugar and no Insulin left. We are hoping the Dr. Gets to her in time to help us or she will end up back in emeregeny where we started.

This was totally avoidable, and very neglectful of the Nursing facility. The last words I heard from the Social Services office was that The Dr. did not feel he needed to prescribe any other medications to her other than the 3 I had finally recieved after jumping up and down an demanding. Wouldn't you know, The Dr. did not find it necessary to prescribe Insulin to a Diabetic upon release!

Think Twice about putting anyone here. Worst medical experience I have ever had to deal with!


Loving Daughter in Tucson