Review of Sun City Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

sun city health and rehab.. where do i even start? oh.. how about, if you care about your loved ones, you will find a different place of care. I am a recenty employ of this place.. after 3 months of seeing residents being ignored, abused, refused care, left one toliets, laughed at.. i refused to deal with it any more and left. I reported numorous things to higher up management, and guess what? everything was pushed under the rug. i would come on shift and find residents SOAKED in unine and poop, i would see CNAs refusing to give residents their well deserved shower because that cna "was out late" and "just didnt feel like doing showers today." the nurses, more the most part, are junk. there are a few there that actually give a damn. there is so much stuff i could say about this place.. but the most importaint thing you need to know is it is a really disorganized, abusive place. i am writing this reviewing to warn the public that is considering this place for a loved one. all i know is if my grandma was treated the way some of these people were, and i found out about it, i would be on the ground with some of these people.. please, do not waste your time, money or sanity with this place and DO NOT put your loved one threw this abuse and neglect.