Review of Acuity Specialty Hospital of Arizona at Sun City

1 Star User Review

My family member was completely weaned from the ventilator with a capped trac when she was admitted to Acuity Speciality Hospital for rehab. Within one week she had an infection and put into isolation and sedated so much with haldol and two other drugs that she slept for a week which in my opinion caused her to get pneumonia again. The CNAs are very rough with my family member and use the same pair of gloves that they clean feces to touch the ventilator hoses. I feel they are so understaffed that they over sedate the patients so they do not have to deal with them. the staff does not introduce themselves to the family so you have no idea who they are so you cannot complain about them. Some of the RTs stay at the desk using their cell phones texting instead of taking care of the patients. most of the staff is very unfriendly. Unfortunately there are some amazing RNs and LPNs there and some caring CNAs and RTs there but they are in the minority. The nursing director and her assistant stay in their office instead of being on the floor talking to the family members. The patients lay on their backs all day long with the CNAs grunting if you ask them to put your family member in a chair. It will be a miracle if my family member survives this place.