Review of Acuity Specialty Hospital of Arizona at Sun City

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Please don't send your loved ones to Trillium. My grandmother was supposed to be there for Rehab, and then home in a few days after a surgery. Now she's in ICU fighting for life because of her care at Trillium. They didn't make sure that she ate or drank, and often forgot to even bring her food (I had to remind them several times). She went into kidney failure because she was so dehydrated and starving.

Not once in the week we were there did I see a nurse wash their hands or put on gloves. Because of this my grandma's chest tube got infected and she is septic.

I'll say it again, my grandma is currently in ICU fighting for her life, because of the care she received at Trillium.

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How is your grandmother now and have you reported this neglect to the proper agencies?