Review of Acuity Specialty Hospital of Arizona at Sun City

1 Star User Review

In the beginning I really didn't want to believe the horrid reviews I had already read in reference to Trillium being a terrible place. I figured all these people are medical professionals and they couldn't all be inept, uncaring or just too busy. My mom was not doing well for days and we all (family and nursing staff) noticed a severe change in her awareness, and mental capacity. Having medical power of attorney I advised them I wanted to be made aware of any status changes or change in doctors’ orders as they had already done a piss poor job of keeping those with authorization apprised of her status. Two days after a long discussion with the head nurse, my mom’s doctor and the hospital admin I left confident thinking things were going to get done and I would be told when things happened.

It wasn't an unreasonable request I wasn't asking for a checklist of everything that happened in her day but just big stuff. Not only did they lie and tell me they would let me know the next day she was being sent to another hospital because they couldn't care for her. She ended up dying a few days later in Hospice of the Valley (wonderful people btw). I don't blame Trillium for her death, the cancer killed her but they were incredibly uncaring, uncommunicative and honestly they were rude and dismissive. The facility was not at capacity either, in fact while she stayed there, there were plenty of empty rooms and beds. I urge everyone to avoid this facility.