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These ratings and user reviews of Acuity Specialty Hospital of Arizona at Sun City will help you pick the best nursing home in Sun City, Arizona. All our reviews are written by users like you, and are not available anywhere else! See what patients of Acuity Specialty Hospital of Arizona at Sun City, their friends, their families, and their loved ones have to say about their experiences with this nursing home.

Cant Sleep got racin thoughts Rat and Rave Moment I am Not happy today my antibiotics where not given on time or at all today I am too have two of them twice each day and i have had not one given as of 10pm finally as of 10:30pm i was… Full Review

Nursing supervisor (Shirley) was clearly overwhelmed and underknowledgable for the position of responsibility. Staff was never seen to wash hands before or after care & wore name tags backward. Patient admitted without pressure ulcers, 8 days… Full Review

My family member was completely weaned from the ventilator with a capped trac when she was admitted to Acuity Speciality Hospital for rehab. Within one week she had an infection and put into isolation and sedated so much with haldol and two… Full Review

My husband got better at this facility, but I didn't care much for the place. Problems with aides there, respiratory techs, too. Some good, some really not. Hit or miss. But this was 4 years ago, so maybe it's better?… Full Review

Trillium Specialty Hospital of West Valley provides two levels of care. Our Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) is a 60 bed with 8 rooms that are high observation rooms and are similar to an ICU; Our High Level Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF… Full Review

I hate this place. They gave my mother the worst care. She went in for rehab and left 5 days later in kidney failure and septic. She was severely dehydrated. Nurses (Cathy) did not wash hands while attending her. I was told over and over… Full Review

Please don't send your loved ones to Trillium. My grandmother was supposed to be there for Rehab, and then home in a few days after a surgery. Now she's in ICU fighting for life because of her care at Trillium. They didn't make sure that… Full Review

In the beginning I really didn't want to believe the horrid reviews I had already read in reference to Trillium being a terrible place. I figured all these people are medical professionals and they couldn't all be inept, uncaring or just too… Full Review

Terrible place. Way understaffed. Nurses are no where to be found when you need them. Management just cares about money, not patients. Don't send a loved one there. It is bad news.… Full Review

At first it was alright. Defiantly a shock going from a hospital to a want-to-be hospital. The nursing and rehab staff is clearly overwhelmed with the patient load. It shows in the inability to carry out promises made to the family. Management… Full Review

Looks nice but horrible staff. If you are only there for a short stay you will like it. If you are there for longer than a month you will HATE it. The saff is lazy and put the people that live there in harms way either by giving excess meds… Full Review

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