Review of Sante of North Scottsdale

1 Star User Review

If I could gice no stars I would. Avoid this place. The nursing care is horrible. Most all of the staff are contingent employees. One night a "new" nurse came in to hang my IV (the reason I was sent there) and within five minutes I couldn't breathe, my tongue was swelling and my body was one huge hive. I called the staff and nobody answered until I literally yelled at a passing in the hall employee (not even on the nursing staff!). He saw the distress I was in and ran out of my room yelling "emergency, emergency, room xxx". By this time (and myself being a RN), I had pulled the IV, but the symptoms persisted. The two nurses who came into my room stupidly asked, "What's wrong, Mrs. X?" Were they serious? They couldn't see the hives/rash on my body, nor that I could barely speak due to the throat swelling? Yup. They refused to call 911 and kept telling me to relax and I'll feel better! Again, were they serious? Yup! When some of the smoke settled, I asked what was in the IV bag they hung because clearly I had a severe allergic reaction. I was told it was the proper medication. I asked to see the IV bag that the nurse ripped off the IV pole and she said that never happened. When I continued to point things out and making it clear that I was NOT hallucinating, I was told that the IV bag was already in the dumpster outside so there was no way to tell what was in there! This is clearly in violation of state laws and nursing practices, Medicare rules, etc., etc., etc. Needless to say, by morning I was out of there.