Review of Sante of North Scottsdale

2 Star User Review

Avoid this home like the plague. My grandma has COPD and went to Sante to "build back up her strength" after being released from the hospital. They neglected to let us know that none of the staff knew how to work a bipap machine. After being there a couple of days she was right back in the hospital. She then went back after being released from the hospital and was doing great after being at the hospital; however, after being at Sante for a week with no bipap once again over night she went back down hill due to her Co2 levels being too high, The nurses and the facility did not listen to our wishes of having her go back to the hospital and instead gave her drugs to help with her "shakiness" when all she needed was to get on the hospital's bipap. They allowed her oxygen levels to drop into the 60's overnight and did not call 911 like they said they would. Finally upon thinking that my father was a dr. because they are clueless who the dr.'s are they called 911 under his instructions that she needs to get to the hospital. They are all clueless there and only want your money. They neglected to properly care for my grandma and completely lie to you in the process. I highly recommend that you avoid Sante at all costs!!!!