Review of Life Care Center of Scottsdale

2 Star User Review

My 84 yr old Mother spent 3 days in the hospital before being transferred to Life Care for physical therapy and monitoring before she could have a Vertebroplasty done on a Spinal Compression Fracture to the upper spine. After basically 3 days of "observance" by P.T. and nursing staff, they determined she should be discharged in only one week… Our appeal was immediately denied, and 2nd appeal also immediately denied stating she was "high functioning". This was done before she met with the Spinal Specialist who ordered the Vertebroplasty surgery for the upcoming Friday. They based this on the fact she was WALKING. Her legs weren't broken! She walked because she didn't want to get pneumonia as she did 3 years earlier when placed in the same facility. You would think her spinal specialists should have been consulted, but they were not. I am beyond furious with the callous, premature, ill-investigated, failure to care for my Mother as she deserved. We had to PAY to keep her there until her surgery and follow-up until we could find a suitable care facility. I will never allow my Mother to return to Life Care of Scottsdale as they failed her in my opinion. I was told they had a "D" rating… I understand why. Because she smiled and addressed everyone "sweetheart" they assumed she was doing great. She was in great pain but tried to avoid pain killers due to problems with constipation. She tried hard not to "bother" anyone, and therefore, they ignored the greater picture. I'm still furious!!! Oh, did I mention she fell again - at Life Care - the morning I discharged her????