Review of Life Care Center of Scottsdale

1 Star User Review

My mother is at this rehab facility now. We are in the process of looking for a group home for her. The faster we can get her out of there, the better. I feel like she's in jail. They allow her to lie in a wet bed. They threw her dinner away before she was finished. The food is horrendous, The nurse had her at the station for over an hour in her wheel chair because they said she tried to get out of the bed. (She cannot walk so it would be difficult for her to have tried that!) After speaking to the nurse on staff, we got a different report then what we've seen. It is a nightmare. Do not go there if you can find anything else.

Check out elder care and find the right place. Stay with your parent for as long as you can to do your own advocacy. Don't leave her/him alone in this place and make sure you show that you are watching every minute!