Review of Osborn Health and Rehabilitation

1 Star User Review

I was a patient at this facility, having chosen it based on "positive" on-line reviews and recommendations from many people. They must have been deaf, blind, and lost their taste buds. The photos and videos on their website are very deceptive as the place looks absolutely nothing as their photos depict. The dining room in their photos looks like a "formal" dining room, nice table cloths on every table, "formal" chairs (wood, padded backs and seats), when in reality there are only 14 NONmatching tables and EIGHT matching chairs, less than one at each table! Any windows have CLOSED blinds so it is dark and depressing in there. The food is HORRIBLE. Prepared/processed food products, canned veggies and fruit; toast is ALWAYS burnt. One day they ran out of juice so they mixed together some apple, cranberry, orange and prune to make a concoction in enough quantity to serve all the patients who wanted "something" to drink. The menu states milk with every meal but we never got any. The halls are crowded with equipment. It would take no less than 35 minutes for call lights to be answered. The videos/photos on their website shows patients happily strolling outside on the grounds; do not count on doing anything like that because it just is not going to happen! The rooms are private, if you can honestly call them that (??) or semi-private "jack and jill" rooms meaning there are two patients per room with a "common wall and bathroom" shared by FOUR patients. These patients can (and do) have access to the adjoining rooms! Unfortunately, I had an "obnoxious" woman in the adjoining room that would enter my room through the bathroom and stand at the foot of my bed and just stare at me. She would do this at any time of day and night! Do you know how scary it is to be awakened by having a stranger standing at the foot of your bed? how VIOLATING that is? and to make matters worse, she would then start yelling and screaming at me for having to use HER bathroom! There are no locks on the doors and every time I would be in the bathroom she would walk in on me begin one of her rants, and by the time any staff would answer the call button in the bathroom she would have retreated into her room. Fortunately, there was one time she didn't quite make it out in time and was caught by nursing staff. When confronted and warned that she cannot do this she flat out lied that she was doing anything and wouldn't even dream of doing anything! This place is NOT a rehab center, either, folks. It is a NURSING HOME and has all the earmarks of your stereotypical nursing home. Unless this is the type of place you care for your loved one to be at, stay away from here. You really do not love your loved one if you do place them here as this is nothing less than substandard care and living conditions. You've been warned! Make sure you read ALL reviews and actually physically visit any place before making any commitments for your loved ones!