Review of Granite Creek Health & Rehabilitation Center

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This place sucks. They were giving my mother medication that was not necessary for 2+ years before I even knew she was taking it. The only way I found out was because a new law had come into effect at the beginning of the year and they needed approval to continue the meds! They have dropped my mother several times in the 2.5 years that she has been there. They only bathe her 2 times a week. What the hell is that? Then they want me to set up an account so they can have access to her money to spend on God knows what. What does she need other than decent care!!!!

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2 showers a week is the norm for nursing homes because they have so many residents and so few staff. cna's do 5 showers per shift if they have time. if you are your mom's poa then they have to get your permission for everything. also, i don't know of any patient being dropped, most fall and state says they have a right to fall. las fuentes is a non restraint facility. patients who have low safety awareness think they can get up and walk when in reality they cannot so they fall. if my mother fell more than once at a non restraint home i would take her home and care for her myself or put her in a behavioral unit that uses restraints. i would most definitely NOT leave her in a place where they dropped her several times in 2.5 years! i bet she is still there! good luck with your lawsuit!