Review of La Estancia Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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The nursing care was good, especially the African American night nurse. I don't remember her name but she was the best.

However, I would have like to know if it was legal to sell puppies to patients since there was an employee and his wife who were selling puppies to sick and disabled patients while I was there--in May 2011-May 16.

My husband out of the goodness of his heart paid this BM $600.00 for one of the puppies. I don't know how many more patients he took advantage of but his dealings were crooked. He reimbursed us $250.00 even though he had already sold the dog before I even left the facility. (For what I think was for another full profit ). I won't name him by name; however, what he did was unethical and cost my husband and I angst as we live on a very limited budjet, namely my small disability check and his Social Security check which doesn't even total $2000.00 a month.

In addition, we were never sent a bill for what our insurance didn't cover; instead it was sent to a collection agency out of the blue when we could have mademinimum payments to LaEstancia hence, we had to borrow money to get the collection agency off our back. I would never give a referral to anyone

for rehabillitation. Sorry

I hope he and his wife are no longer taking advantage of their patients there by selling more puppies.

My husband contacted our lawyer but he was very cocky and said he was going to charge us for a "daily dog sitting fee," which was rediculus since it's quite difficult to dog sit a dog when one is a patient there.