Review of Maryland Gardens Care Center

1 Star User Review

It is not that Maryland Gardens has no complaints, they are quick and slick enough to evade getting caught in any deficiencies. The residents are dementia/Alzheimer who is going to believe them. The facility remains locked up, a person can not enter unless the staff lets you in (you can stand outside the gate ringing the buzzer for hours waiting to get in) after hours. During regular business hours you meet a whole crew to stop you before you enter the facility. It is not that they have mastered the rules and regulations governing Care Centers, it is that they have mastered getting around the rules and avoiding letting anyone into the facility that might be able to see what really goes on inside! The facility does not meet the ADA requirements, yet they have patients in wheel chairs. No diapering schedule, patients sit soaked in urine for hours. Patients clothing are changed 3 to 4 times a day as a result of not diapering them properly! Staff falsify documents to show a satisfactory changing schedule………….just a few things I have personally seen with my own eyes. Be careful that you don't complain about what you see there because these people are good! They will terminated you!!!!!!