Review of Suncrest Healthcare Center

1 Star User Review

I have a friend who is staying here. The second you walk in the door you are overwhelmed by the smell of feces. His room fortunately does not smell, however it is always very dirty. There are stains on the floor that have been there for over a week. Supplies are thrown all over the room and they often reuses supplies over and over without cleaning them. The staff do not always wear gloves. They often spill formula and other fluids and then they do not wipe them up. We have to ask repeatedly for him to get his diaper or clothes changed before they actually will. He is on a feeding tube and sometimes when I come the feeding bag is bone dry. The staff is constantly asking me for directions on how they should be doing things and I have absolutely no medical experience outside of common sense. The staff is often very rude and give us bad attitude when we make a request. My friend told me that he often goes 7+ hours at a time with out a staff even poking there head in his door to check on him. I feel my friend is getting severely neglected here and I am working on getting him transferred somewhere new as soon as possible.