Review of Suncrest Healthcare Center

1 Star User Review

They don't care about their patients at all, to them it's all about the bottom line. You are just a dollar sign to them, they cram 4 to a room unless you have enough money; you can then get a double or a private room. The food is the worst food I have ever tasted, they cover every thing with a sauce and the sauce is barely better than the food itself. The nutritional value of the food is nil at best. They fire their best Nurses & CNAs, or they quit and Suncrest only keep the worst ones, who are just thankful they have job. The Nurses & CNA's are so busy trying to care for so many residence under their care that you are lucky if you get the right medication or you can get one shower a week. The absolutely worst Healthcare facility I have ever been in, and I could go on.