Review of Life Care Center of Paradise Valley

3 Star User Review

My elderly mother has, in the last two years, been in 5 skilled nursing/rehab centers in the greater Phoenix area. Life Care is one of the cleaner facilities. But, the care provided is terrible, and, the staff, from the registered nurses on down, are careless at best, to incompetent at worst. Medicines were discontinued without doctor orders and not discovered until we inquired. My mother was left unattended in a wheelchair for hours, and, was "dropped" by staff when transferring from bed to wheelchair. I believe I am being generous in giving Life Care a 3-star rating. If you are able to visit very often, oversee everything the staff is doing for your loved one, and, the stay will not be longer than a couple of weeks, Life Care is okay. But if not, do not choose Life Care for your loved one.