Review of Ridgecrest Healthcare

5 Star User Review

My mom was taken to Ridgecrest after a hospital stay. She had experienced a bad reaction to pain meds at the hospital and was afraid it would happen again. The staff at Ridgecrest were absolutely wonderful with her. They cared for her like family and helped her to regain her strength with lots of encouragement. She went home renewed. Unfortunately she had a bad year, with a fall, followed by a surgery, followed by an infection. And each hospital stay ended with a trip back to Ridgecrest - which she requested every time. Mom did pass away. And after a few months my brother and I went to visit the staff at Ridgecrest. We were greeted with open arms, hugs and even tears. They are a wonderful group of people we were blessed to have in our mom's life at the end.

Replies to This Review

The short term patients are given much better treatment, this enables Ridgecrest to receive a better review. The long term residents are given no respect and treated with no dignity. Ridgecrest has the highest rate for urinary tract infections and administering anti psychotic drugs to the residents according to Medicare which gives them a 2 star rating. I have picked up medication from the floor, witnessed CNA's and aides sleeping and or constantly on their cell phones, I have also heard the indignant manner in which they talk to the residents. This is no place for any human being.

After 9 days at Ridgecrest my son was sent to the ER in a coma and not expected to live…….with an ammonia level of 222 two doctors said he couldn't have been getting his med's.