Review of The Rehabilitation Center at the Palazzo

1 Star User Review

Moved out about a month ago, one year was all I could take. Chris Ridge had a smell in the halls (all inside) like a dirty bathroom, I always wondered about the kitchen.

Management was more about fun and games, than anything that mattered, no real staff at the wheel of this ship. Most requests for maintenance were ignored, even when an overflowing toilet on the third floor made it all the way to the first. It took days to get things cleaned, with most of it being done by residents, not by paid staff.

There were many promises before I moved in, they all became lies after a few weeks. Even things in writing, they were changed by new rules.

In the end, most that stay there get used to filth, bad smells and a lower class of life. I moved to Brookdale, pay a little less than before, and have a nice clean place to stay.