Review of Haven of Phoenix

1 Star User Review

My sister spent about 40 days here after being released from the hospital following a serious hip fracture. She did NOT have a pleasant stay.

One of our biggest concerns: We were told that she would have physical therapy at least 6 days each week, yet she only received 2 to 3 sessions a week, and this was the main reason she was there! In fact, she left with less independent mobility than when she came!

Other serious complaints: 1) The hallways and patient rooms stunk strongly of urine & feces most of the time, and were especially putrid in the late afternoons & evenings. 2) When visiting I ALWAYS saw & heard multiple patient call buttons beeping & flashing continually, often while staff stood around. 3) Several times my sister was left sitting on the toilet for long periods of time with no help to get up & get back into bed, even though she kept pressing her call button. 4) Our sister's food was extremely salty, even though her doctors ordered a salt-free diet. 5) At one point, staff ran out of our sister's pain & some of her other meds and she had to go without until they could get more. 6) Rarely would anyone come to take our sister to activities (as promised), so she missed out on the socialization she sorely needed. 7) The housekeeping staff consistently lost our sister's laundry.

Now I see why Grace is listed as one of "The Worst Nursing Homes in Arizona" but sure wish we had researched it before we placed her there. See