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Grace Hospital is a disgrace.

I have a family member who is staying here and recovering from a major surgery. While i was there during my visit, i have seen the following:

1. The entire "hospital" smelled like fecal matter.

2. The facility has no heat and/or cooling in the rooms for there patients.

3. A women was going up and down the halls crying with her pants undone and opened.

4. I had to tell 4 different staff just to get this women needed some help.

5. ALL of the Staff were sitting, and there were people needing assistance.

6. The living conditions in which my family member has been reduced to is disgusting and i am personally and professionally offended.

I work for a self advocacy coalition for individuals with disabilities. I also teach human rights training and we do home based community services, and this place is the reason why most advocates are against group home settings/ hospitals like this.

I will be reporting these issues/ concerns with the state. Please do not put your family here. They will be living in an unfit environment.

Replies to This Review

We appreciate your review, as we also had a very negative experience with our family member. So sad and discouraging, to say the least. Thank you so much for speaking out about this place.

I visit here weekly, and can confirm almost everything said.

I will say that they have some good people working here, but not nearly enough.

The ownership and administration is clearly without compassion for their patients.

I do not know when this review was written, but I was at this facility just three weeks ago and I found it clean, modern, well staffed and pleasant. I would have no reservations in placing a family member in Grace.