Review of Camelback Post Acute and Rehabilitation

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I am so thankful that there are still people who care!! The admissions team is amazing, helped emliminate all of my stress when trying to pick a facility. The nursing staff is so helpful, you can tell there residents actually feel like they are at home. There doctors are great too, they can communicate with the nursing staff to actually get things done. You would be silly to put yourself or family member any where else.

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When my grandma broke her hip I was so scared, especially after hearing she couldnt return home. I was given a list and I had NO idea where to start. I went to a few places that looked really nice but had no customer service skills. I went in and was ignored and no one even asked me if I needed help. Walking into this place I was nervous, it definatley needs a face lift!! But right when I walked in I was greated and there was some one there smiling happy to answer all of my questions. They helped my grandma get better and now she is doing great. I cannot thank this place enough. I would recommend this place to any one!!

I couldnt agree with you more. My mother was treated so well there!!