Review of North Mountain Medical and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

North Mountain Medical Rehab is by far the worst place to place a loved one.

Filthy, Lazy, Unorganized, poor food selection and no one knows what is going on from one shift to the next. They didn't do any blood work for 10 days after my mom was placed and only did the blood work after I threw a fit and said I wanted her levels checked. My mom had just came off dialisys and a really and major surgery prior to coming here…

The Dr doesn't call back when asked. I called and left a message for Jason the "CEO" he never returned my calls therefor shows what kind of place he's running!

Call buttons didn't work. Room temperature never worked and worst of all

is the "PATIENT CARE" is sooo bad! They lied to me several times.

I asked for my mothers weight and 3 weeks later they said it was 176 told me and a day later they said that oh they were sorry but it takes time for the computer to update the system "NOT" BUT She lost 15 lbs in those 3.5 weeks there. DO NOT TAKE A LOVED ONE TO THIS FACILITY! THEY ALSO LIED ABOUT THE NURSE PATIENT RATIO IT'S LIKE 1 NURSE TO 16-18 PATIENTS! CNA's don't come for a long long time. The ytel you to unrinate in the bed and they'll change it when they get there… Just horrible!!

You have to be the one to speak up and stay on top of any facility for a loved one and don't back down! You don't want them to bury their mistake do you! Makes me sick that I had a loved one there at all… Don't learn the hard way take my advise and don't go here.