Review of North Mountain Medical and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

My opinion is that; One Star is being generous here!

NEVER AGAIN WOULD I SUBJECT, USE, OR RECOMMEND THIS FACILITY!!! This IS the worst place ever for a loved one to be cared for and treated at.

Incompetent & lazy staff who could care less (and it's even worse on weekends) when assistance is needed! The phrase "It's Not My Job" is used to often by staff members. They are exceptionally slow responding to ones needs, or answering "Call Buttons!"

Sold on the quality of care…they need to look in the mirror! Asking fIve (5) individuals working on the floor the question "that if they would stay there if they were ever sick?" - ALL ANSWERED - "NO!"

Complaints are well received, but fall deaf ears! While phone messages went unreturned.