Review of North Mountain Medical and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

This DUMP doesn't even merit one star! I was terrified that their incompetency and total lack of care and respect for my loved one was going to cost his life. I stayed by his bedside almost the whole time and witnessed one gross negligence after another. These ranged from him falling out of bed shortly after admittance, no water for 6 hours, laying in urine, having urine bottle spilled on him by staff member, getting insulin shot and no food for close to an hour and then lied to that it had only been 10 minutes.Given milk when his chart said he was allergic. The staff is so rude and very hard to understand(accents).Equipment is in disrepair and the food is horrid!!!! Please if you have a loved one in there GET THEM OUT or plan on taking up residency yourself! I got my boyfriend out of there immediately and was prepared to call the police to expedite it!