Review of North Mountain Medical and Rehabilitation Center

2 Star User Review

I'm a patient/resident here and have been for 2 years. The food is terrible and the kitchen supervisor refuses to work with the dieticians who work here to provide the most nutritious possible. The average diet is very low in fiber and without taste. There are constantly shortages on the patient's food trays due to the kitchen forgetting to something on tray (silverware, milk, juice, etc) Lots of mystery meat is served, which according to the kitchen, is nutricious. The "pork chops" here look nothing like pork when you cut it open. Instant mashed potatoes are the norm. If you want real mashed potatoes, either a frien or family membor has to bring some in to you or you have to go on a activity outing to a restaurant to get them. Their idea of seasonal fruit is a packaged fruit cup of mixed fruit, no matter what the season is. Do you like whole wheat bread? You'll never see it here. The laundry service here has a difficult time keeping track of everyone's clothes and getting them back to the patients in a timely matter. It's rumored that infections run rampant here. The therapy department is good, but you only get 1 hour of therapy a day, which means a awlfully long stay in some instances, compared to a acute rehab facility which offers about 3 hours of therapy a day and a lot of time out of bed. Why am I still here? Is there some place that's exceptional? The nursing staff is great tho and the respiratory depart is very good. Got to take the bad with the good.